Walk Together


In July 2017 a group of forward looking civil society networks, brought together by The Elders, an organisation of independent leaders founded ten years ago by Mandela, decided to do something positive to overcome growing intolerance and polarisation in societies. We’ve joined forces to champion the voices - and deeds - of groups who live the values of empathy, compassion and solidarity in the work they do to improve their lives, and those of their communities. #WalkTogether exists as a platform for celebrating freedoms and building a bright map of hope, highlighting those who share our mission: to shine a light on courageous moral leadership and offering hope around the world where it's needed most. 

Join the movement

Right now you can show your passion for #WalkTogether by sharing the campaign on social media, changing the conversation in your community, or including #WalkTogether in your own local events. Download the posters here or email us if you'd like to use any of the campaign videos at your events.

Support the actions and learn more about the #WalkTogether Campaign Partners.

Support the actions and learn more about the #WalkTogether Campaign Partners