#WalkTogether and share a #SparkofHope

continue Mandela’s long walk to freedom

“Let freedom reign. The sun never set on so glorious a human achievement.” – Nelson Mandela

In 2018 the world will mark Nelson Mandela’s 100th anniversary. Join the global #WalkTogether campaign to honour his legacy by shining a light on 100 Sparks of Hope achieving the Freedoms of Peace, Health, Justice and Equality around the world.

#WalkTogether with a #SparkofHope

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Show you #WalkTogether with a #SparkofHope. Each Spark of Hope represents one of 100 Ideas for a Freer, Fairer World that the #WalkTogether campaign will present to world leaders later this year, recognising all supporters who post a video.

Follow these three simple steps.


Choose a Spark of Hope to support


Record a video of yourself answering these two questions:

  • Why does this idea for change light you up?
  • How can people support or amplify this idea?

Share it online with “#WalkTogether with a #SparkofHope

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