Women of Substance - Bharti Singh Chauhan from India

India / Freedom for Justice / 1 dec 2017

Bharti Singh Chauhan known as Bhabhisa is one who has overcome challenges from the age of 10, fighting for her right to survive, who stoodup strong for her education to pursue her dreams. She at age of 16 challenged society to not getting herself married at a early age and further took up odd jobs like stitching falls, applying heena,working in stores, as maid for feeding her family with a handicapped brother to ill parents and still continues to take care of them.
Bharti battled abuse and poverty to counsel over 17,000 girls against sexual abuse and holds courage to speak up and work for betterment to achieve behavioural, social and economic transformation of Girls and Women by providing them community based solution in the areas of education, health, financial inclusion and sustainable livelihood by investing all her savings through her organization PraveenLata Sansthan working at grass root level based in Rajasthan, India. She dropped her Professional Career from Vodafone to dedicate her life for the upliftment of society targeting the issues like child marriage, gender discrimination, Gender Based violence. Bharti has won numerous awards at her organisation, including the Women in Red award, the highest award given away by Vodafone. Bharti was selected as an Ambassador for the International Girl Rising Campaign launched by Michelle Obama, the first lady of the US for Promoting Girls Education in Rajasthan.
For her exemplary work and struggle, Bharti was selected as one of 100 Women Achievers of India, an award given to her by Ministry of Women and Child Development in collaboration with Facebook. The award with given to her by Pranab Mukherjee, Hon. President of India. Her Passion & Committment has led in making huge difference in the lives of many women and men leading her to be known as Rolemodel.
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