North and South Korea to Walk Together under single united flag in Olympic Games

South Korea / Freedom for Peace / 25 jan 2018

North and South Korea will Walk Together under a single "unified Korea" flag at the Winter Olympics next month. If plans are realised, the cross-border road will be opened for the first time in almost two years to allow hundreds of North Korean athletes, cheerleaders and musicians to enter the south.

These are the first high-level, public conversations between the countries in more than two years, which began earlier this year when North Korea agreed to submit a team to the games in Pyeongchang, South Korea. The two countries also agreed to field a joint women's ice hockey team, which would be the first-time athletes from both Koreas have competed together in the same team at an Olympic Games.

The talks came after tensions on the Korean peninsula reached their highest point in decades and represents a rare moment of hope following a period of nuclear tensions. The recent agreements could pave the way for the nuclear issue to be addressed and open a global dialogue between divided states.

The official symbol of the Olympic Games is the five coloured rings, representing the five participating continents of Africa, Asia, America, Australia and Europe, linked together to symbolise uniting athletes from all over the world. This year's games will represent a new opportunity for peaceful engagement between previously divided states on a global stage, and show that important steps towards peace can be achieved when we Walk Together.

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