Civilians rush to help Mexico earthquake victims

Mexico / Freedom for Health / 2 oct 2017

The two earthquakes that wreaked havoc in Mexico last month left families homeless, without food and basic supplies, and many traumatised by what they had witnessed and undergone.

But citizens have stepped in to fill the gaps left by an overwhelmed official response. Schools have opened their gymnasiums and halls as temporary shelters; therapists have volunteered their services; local taco vendors sent food and drink. Students have come in droves to help make up mattresses while clowns and face-painters kept children entertained while their parents sorted through donated clothes and tried to make plans for the future.

A vast network of citizens was mobilised, quite literally overnight, to help organise the effort. They set up donation sites to receive and deliver supplies and gave lamps and torches so that rescue operations could continue in the dark.

'We're so grateful because we're alive, and for all the help and solidarity we've received here,' said Sergio Arias Rodriguez. 'It feels like we're among family.'

(From: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/sep/22/mexico-earthquake-civilian-volunteers)