Freedom for Equality

Real equality means men and women, people of all nationalities, races and creeds are treated exactly the same and enjoy exactly the same rights: in the public sphere, in the eyes of the law, in the democratic process and in their interaction with institutions from schools and hospitals to courts, businesses and governments. Similarly, any individual’s sexual orientation ought to be respected under the law. Respect for religious traditions must live alongside the principle of equality for every individual in any society. Nelson Mandela personally stood in solidarity with the victims of AIDS in South Africa, including minority sexual groups, and challenged the ugly impulses of bigotry and discrimination. We have come a long way on equality laws and practices in many parts of the world, but we need more. Today, many of the hard won freedoms and the strides forward in Freedom for Equality are being eroded. We can pursue Freedom for Equality together - it starts with each of us being willing to #WalkTogether with someone that is different to us.