Freedom for Equality

Around the world, the gap between the richest and the rest of society has reached extremes not seen in a century. The global inequality crisis is undermining our ability to end poverty, racial and class-based discrimination, advance women’s rights, defend the environment, protect human rights and democracy, prevent conflict, and promote fair and dignified employment. The growing inequality gap has led to an unacceptable concentration of wealth and power, whilst hundreds of millions fight to survive.

The growing divide between rich and poor has deep roots - inextricably linked with systemic devaluation of women, older people, younger people and people with disability, to name a few. Yet the solutions are available and achievable. Equal access to education, healthcare, food, land and justice systems are all technically feasible and in most countries, affordable.

We believe it is possible to build societies where everyone matters. To do this requires vision and action. Everybody, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, age or religion should have access to the bounty of their community, country and shared resources. But governments cannot meet the needs of systemic change alone.

Real change comes from people. We need to follow the inspiration of our young people, to fight for the economic transformation we need. It must take place where the people are, in communities, slowly, to painstakingly build their skills, strategies and ability to innovate and to reverse the impacts of inequality.

#WalkTogether to #FightInequality and join the growing movement connecting people across issues, countries and continents to tackle the root causes of rising inequality.