Freedom For Peace

Peace is the essential freedom, from which all others flow. When peace is absent, the most fundamental of human rights are denied: the rights to safety, dignity, protection and self-expression. Identity itself can be erased by the lack of peace.

In today’s world, 700 million children – equivalent to the total population of Europe – have had their childhood prematurely ended because conflict and its toxic consequences of disease, poverty and exclusion have forced them into a desperate struggle for survival. Their development has been thwarted – this is a denial of their freedom to realise their ambitions and aspirations. Every liberation struggle entails challenging moral questions about tactics, means and ends. But peace must be the end goal.

The legacy of Nelson Mandela and his example of magnanimity, empathy, truth and reconciliation must be at the heart of every struggle for freedom, now and in the future. If Freedom for Peace is to be achieved then we all must rise above our narrow concerns and embrace the common humanity that binds us all together from the cradle to the grave. The is the goal and the action at the heart of #WalkTogether.