Elders join We The Future to #WalkTogether for Peace

New York / 19 sep 2017

On 21 September, Mary Robinson and Ernesto Zedillo joined Emanuel Jal at "We The Future" to mark the International Day of Peace. 

"Unresolved refugee problems become a source of instability, violence and further population displacements. Dealing with these problems is inextricably linked to achieving peace, upholding the rule of law and entrenching a human rights culture and democracy. –Nelson Mandela"

On 21 September, The Elders will celebrate International Day of Peace by joining the We the Future event at the TED Theatre in New York. 

Following the launch of the #WalkTogether campaign in July in Cape Town, Mary Robinson and Ernesto Zedillo will be joined by former Sudanese child soldier Emanuel Jal to consider why peace is critical to the achievement of all the Sustainable Development Goals. They will consider what people – and leaders – can do every day to advance peace, justice and ensure strong institutions (SDG 16). Recalling Nelson Mandela's 1997 call for the world to unite to solve refugee problems, they will address the damaging effects of the lack of peace including for refugees and migrants. 

This courageous conversation will be the culmination of an exciting day of discussion to promote the acceleration of sustainable development solutions, jointly hosted by the Skoll Foundation, UN Foundation and TED. 

Moderated by Shamil Idriss, President and CEO of Search for Common Ground, we invite you to join the conversation by tweeting your questions to @WalkTogether_ or using the #AskTheElders hashtag. Watch this #WalkTogether event here from 15:30–17:30 ET