Mourning the Loss of Kofi Annan

Campaign news / 20 aug 2018

Kofi Annan’s commitment to peace, justice and human rights was a life-long one. His dedication to building a world that Madiba would be proud of underpins the #WalkTogether campaign. Kofi Annan was a true champion of the movement and in celebrating Madiba’s 100th anniversary in Johannesburg last month, he walked together with his fellow Elders, activists, civil society and Sparks of Hope and said, “Every athlete knows that the key to success is not just individual effort but teamwork, support and dedication. This is why we walked together today. Collectively, we are the sum of our parts; we are a movement, and when we speak with one voice, our call for justice cannot be ignored.”

Here, the Elders share a statement on the passing of our dear friend and colleague.