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Freedom for Health

Moms Rising to protect healthcare

Everyone gets sick, but not everyone has a chance to get better. No one should have to choose between staying in their home and paying their medical bills. No mother should have to choose between treating her own health condition and treating her child’s. Yet these choices are faced by millions of American families every day. Access to healthcare is a right, not a privilege.

MomsRising is an on-the-ground and online grassroots organization campaigning for healthcare that is accessible for all without incurring financial hardship. With more than a million members, they work to increase family economic security and end discrimination against women and mothers. They advocate for, among other things, paid family and medical leave, earned paid sick days, affordable childcare, an end to wage and hiring discrimination, breastfeeding rights, and a national budget that reflects the contributions of women and mothers. Through online and on-the-ground activism, lobbying and mass grassroots engagement, they aim to amplify women’s voices, hold corporations accountable, and make political change.

MomsRising’s campaign for Healthcare for All focuses on getting families the health coverage they need by supporting the Affordable Care Act and fighting against its repeal. They also support safety net programs such as Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

These policies are a literal lifeline for women across our nation like Jamie Davis Smith. Jamie’s eleven-year-old daughter Claire has multiple severe disabilities. Before the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Jamie and her husband paid $1,000 a month for a health insurance premium, in addition to numerous additional costs. Due to Claire’s multiple pre-existing conditions, the family had no choice but to pay whatever the insurance company demanded, as it was offered through Jamie’s husband’s employer, and without it they would be completely uninsurable. The cost of equipment, like a hearing aid and wheelchair, not covered by the private insurance, was staggering. Jamie had to leave her full-time job to care for her daughter, which left the family relying on a single income. Jamie applied for Medicaid as a last resort to avoid bankruptcy.

Medicaid has been a lifeline for Jamie and her family. But now that Medicaid and other safety net programs have come under attack by the current Administration, so has the lifeline for Jamie’s family. Without Medicaid, Jamie says her daughter Claire wouldn’t be able to live at home with her family.

Over 74 million Americans receive insurance through Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), including one in five children. MomsRising uses their platform to share stories of the life changing benefits provided by these programs and encourages others to speak out in support of them. Their petitions and open letters push for policymakers to support the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid and CHIP.

To date, MomsRising’s efforts have achieved remarkable results. In the past ten years, they have helped pass paid family/medical leave in four states and paid sick days in over two dozen localities across the US. They are constantly and tirelessly working for change, with members in every state, proving that moms are powerful, and will not rest while healthcare remains unaffordable for so many American families. MomsRising members keep marching!

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