#WalkTogether and share a #SparkofHope

continue Mandela’s long walk to freedom

The #WalkTogether campaign is building a bright web of hope made up of Sparks of Hope. These are communities building a movement for the Freedoms Mandela dedicated his life to: Peace, Health, Justice and Equality.

Read their stories, post your video and join the global #WalkTogether movement.

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Refugees Welcome

Making refugees welcome in flatshares around the world


Transforming division through human encounter

Breaking the Silence

Some of the most powerful voices for peace can belong to soldiers; men and women who ...

Rien Sans les Femmes

No peace and stability without women


Natural resources: a source of peace and prosperity

African Youth Initiative Network

Creating powerful momentum for victims' participation in Transitional Justice processes

Open Street Map

Activating youth peace builders

National Association of Youth Organisations

Increasing youth participation in Zimbabwe’s upcoming elections

Syrian American Medical Society

Providing critical medical relief to conflict victims in Syria and beyond

Search for Common Ground - Nigeria

Girls take the lead on peace-building and religious tolerance in Nigeria

Women Wage Peace

Women are an unstoppable force for peace

Search for Common Ground - Yemen

Increasing youth resilience to conflict and extremism in Yemen

Search for Common Ground - South Sudan

Theatre building bridges to peace

District Six Museum

On the surface of it, the label of being a ‘spark of hope’ might be an ...

Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies

Standing up for human rights and democracy in the MENA region

Iraqi Centre for Negotiation Skills and Conflict Management (IQCM)

Dialogue is the key to conflict resolution and social cohesion


Alternative Narrative to hate speech and violent extremism: Strengthening community resilience through positive youth development

Basmeh and Zeitooneh

Peace education: war-torn children regain hope

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Show you #WalkTogether with a #SparkofHope. Each Spark of Hope represents one of 100 Ideas for a Freer, Fairer World that the #WalkTogether campaign will present to world leaders later this year, recognising all supporters who post a video.

#WalkTogether and share a #SparkofHope