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continue Mandela’s long walk to freedom

Sparks of Hope are grassroots organisations that embody the change The Elders want to see in the world. Each one tells an inspirational story of how incredible people across the globe are working for peace, health, justice and equality.

These organisations were brought together to honour the 100th anniversary of The Elders’ founder, Nelson Mandela. They form part of the #WalkTogether movement and The Elders continue to amplify their amazing work as shining examples of the values Madiba held dear.

Discover them all here.

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Basmeh and Zeitooneh

Incorporate safe environments within refugee and host communities, where children learn non violent techniques for conflict ...

Afrika Youth Movement

Strengthen the impact of local youth-led campaigns by creating forums for decentralised movements to connect their ...

Refugees Welcome

Training and resources for local hosts to help integrate refugee arrivals into new lives harmoniously.

Search for Common Ground - Nigeria

Create opportunities for genuine social interaction between Christian and Muslim girls to empower them to change ...

Search for Common Ground - South Sudan

Create a platform and knowledge base to codify arts based peacebuilding techniques that can be embedded ...

Search for Common Ground - Yemen

Build networks of students and teachers within secondary schools that offer youth a voice in decision-making, ...

Women Wage Peace

Support and scale networks of women mediators, connected to share practices nationally and internationally.


Provide resources to scale youth-led online initiatives replacing violent extremism and hate speech with alternative narratives.


Ensure peace-building activities integrate acknowledgement of shared environmental resources and encourage economic cooperation.

Open Street Map

Develop practical pathways to build young people’s active role in improving civic life.

District Six Museum

Create a platform and knowledge base to codify arts based peace-building techniques that can be embedded ...

Iraqi Centre for Negotiation Skills and Conflict Management (IQCM)

Provide resources and training to build a sustainable network of grassroots conflict mediators, ensuring all communities ...

Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies

Open new Arab-led forums for dialogue on the difficulties of applying international human rights laws within ...

Breaking the Silence

Provide safe platforms for soldiers to express their experiences and grief, to encourage forgiveness and reconciliation.

Voice of Libyan Women

Use religious teaching and texts to promote gender equality and break the cycle of violence against ...

Syrian American Medical Society

Target a percentage of peacekeeping resources to fund accessible medical and psychological care for victims of ...

African Youth Initiative Network

Establish replicable grassroots mechanisms to give victims of war direct influence on post-conflict rebuilding priorities and ...

Magamba Network

Encourage disaffected youth to engage in civic and political processes through pop-culture and the arts.

National Association of Youth Organisations

Strengthen youth engagement in democracy by removing obstacles to voting and offering ongoing voter education and ...

Rien Sans les Femmes

Build the visible leadership of women in roles of authority to rapidly shift culture.


Empower citizens to use documentary evidence to ensure international conventions and human rights law are upheld ...


Systematically create immersive experiences that enable difficult conversations between divided communities, to heal the wounds of ...

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Show you #WalkTogether with a #SparkofHope. Each Spark of Hope represents one of 100 Ideas for a Freer, Fairer World that the #WalkTogether campaign will present to world leaders later this year, recognising all supporters who post a video.

#WalkTogether and share a #SparkofHope