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The #WalkTogether campaign is building a bright web of hope made up of Sparks of Hope. These are communities building a movement for the Freedoms Mandela dedicated his life to: Peace, Health, Justice and Equality.

Read their stories, post your video and join the global #WalkTogether movement.

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Homes of Hope

Hope through healthcare for HIV-positive children in Northeast India


Personal experience makes volunteers better health advocates for homeless people

Basmeh and Zeitooneh

Peace education: war-torn children regain hope

Rachel House

Managing pain and providing care for children living with HIV and cancer

MicroJustice Argentina

Without an ID, accessing justice is impossible

The Women’s Law Centre

The women bringing justice to victims of domestic violence in Moldova


The phone-based service enabling citizens to monitor state violence and access justice

District Six Museum

On the surface of it, the label of being a ‘spark of hope’ might be an ...

Forum for Nation Building Nepal

Giving earthquake victims the tools to rebuild their lives

Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum

Fisherfolk fighting inequality: environmental degradation and unfair detention in Pakistan


Guardians of endangered wildlife, local communities and the climate

Search for Common Ground - Yemen

Increasing youth resilience to conflict and extremism in Yemen


Taking on toxic masculinity in Rwanda

Women’s Justice Initiative

Assisting isolated indigenous women to access justice and improve their lives

Partners in Health

Granting healthcare to the poorest: an act of solidarity, rather than charity alone

National Association of Youth Organisations

Increasing youth participation in Zimbabwe’s upcoming elections

The Florence Project

Standing strong in the wake of increasingly hostile US immigration policies


Health cannot wait: Muso’s proactive healthcare system

The Equality Trust

Tackling wealth and income inequality in the UK

Bobbi Bear

Breaking the cycle of child sexual abuse

Campaign for Migrant Worker Justice

Combining legal tools and public campaigns to secure justice for migrant agricultural workers

Agrupación Defensa y Conservación Maule Mataquito

Defending the coastal environment from extractive industries

IRA Mauritania

Exposing slavery in Mauritania

City Health Works

Taking inspiration from Africa to bring healthcare to the people of Harlem

Tanzania’s People’s Health Movement

Tanzania is suffering from a healthcare crisis. Only 49% of births are attended by skilled health ...

The Alliance for Improving Health Outcomes

Preparing the next generation of health professionals

The Maharishi Institute

Helping every student reach their potential, regardless of financial circumstances

White Ribbon Alliance

Maternal health for all: Tanzania’s campaign for safe motherhood White Ribbon Alliance

Food for All Africa

Reducing food waste and hunger in Ghana

Pilier aux Femmes Vulnérables Actives

Combatting impunity in a collapsed state

Movimento Ipereg Ayu

The movement protecting indigenous lands from destructive dams

EarthRights International

Shifting the balance of power in the global economy

Open Street Map

Activating youth peace builders

Management Sciences for Health

Reducing drug-resistant infections in Tanzania

The Ethiopian Centre for Disability and Development

An inclusive Ethiopia for people with disabilities


Organising Informal Sector Workers: Build Collective Strength to Fight Poverty

Africans Rising for peace, justice and equality

In 1884, during a process commonly known as the ‘Scramble for Africa’, European powers negotiated their ...

Refugees Welcome

Making refugees welcome in flatshares around the world

The Equal Justice Initiative

Confronting injustice in the American criminal justice system

Project 189

Justice for migrant workers

Kav LaOved

The power of legal aid to support vulnerable and marginalised workers

Safe Hands for Girls

The survivors committed to ending FGM by 2030

The Children’s Radio Foundation

Radio helps young people across Africa get their voices heard

Corporación Justicia y Libertad

Defending workers’ rights in the palm oil industry

Search for Common Ground - South Sudan

Theatre building bridges to peace

Aspen Management Partnership for Health

Expediting Access to Healthcare in Rural Africa

Green Girls

Girls turn waste into energy and learn about technology

Rien Sans les Femmes

No peace and stability without women

Girls Not Brides

Ending child marriage globally

Hope Through Health

Your birthplace should not determine quality of healthcare available Hope Through Health


Natural resources: a source of peace and prosperity

Syrian American Medical Society

Providing critical medical relief to conflict victims in Syria and beyond


Empowering access to the right to health


Putting those with ‘lived experience’ at the heart of HIV decision making

Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies

Standing up for human rights and democracy in the MENA region

National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission

Fighting to decriminalise homosexuality in Kenya


Protecting the rights of Kenya’s Indigenous People

Fossil Free

Helping organisations and individuals lead the global energy transition

Al Bedaiah

A light in the dark for social justice in Egypt’s ‘digital black hole’

All Out

Empowering LGBT activists around the world

Guyana Animation Network

Equipping the youth of Guyana for the digital age

Last Mile Health

Primary healthcare for the ‘last mile’

Child Rights and You (CRY)

Keeping children in school and out of employment in India


Improving girls’ education is the key to unlocking their potential

Asian People’s Movement on Debt and Development

Resisting inequality and climate injustice

"The Awakening"

Saying no more to “honour killings” in Pakistan


Alternative Narrative to hate speech and violent extremism: Strengthening community resilience through positive youth development


Inspiring young change makers to fight inequality

The Civil Association for Equality and Justice

Justice for people living in one of the most polluted places on earth

Crisis Text Line

Help is only a text message away


Ensuring mothers and babies survive pregnancy and childbirth

Magamba Network

Inspiring a new generation of young Zimbabweans to stand up and be heard

Women Wage Peace

Women are an unstoppable force for peace

My Choices Foundation

Taking on India’s domestic violence epidemic


Providing trauma-informed options for reporting sexual assault on college campuses

Loja de Energias

Solar energy saves time, money and creates opportunities for income generation in Mozambique

Earth Guardians

The young activists stepping up to defend the planet

The Guerrilla Foundation

Brave movements need brave funders for social justice

Iraqi Centre for Negotiation Skills and Conflict Management (IQCM)

Dialogue is the key to conflict resolution and social cohesion

Breaking the Silence

Some of the most powerful voices for peace can belong to soldiers; men and women who ...

Proximity Designs

Empathy and design can be used to identify opportunities for creating genuine social impact.

Young Urban Women’s Movement

Lessening the burden of women’s unpaid care work in urban Ghana


Education is the first step, school is the first stop

Centre for Natural Resource Governance

Strengthening the capacities of communities to resist destructive mining

Mae Tao Clinic

Free healthcare: a fresh start for refugees and migrants

Remote Area Medical

The free mobile medical clinics filling in the gaps of the US healthcare system

Medic Mobile

People delivering healthcare deserve the best software

African Youth Initiative Network

Creating powerful momentum for victims' participation in Transitional Justice processes

Front Line Defenders

Protecting human rights defenders at risk around the world

Moms Rising

Moms Rising to protect healthcare.


Levelling barriers to justice for indigenous peoples in Canada


Transforming​ ​rural​ ​healthcare​ ​delivery​ ​through​ ​technology​ ​and​ ​integrated​ ​care


Transforming division through human encounter

Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative

The campaign to build mental health awareness in Nigeria

Search for Common Ground - Nigeria

Girls take the lead on peace-building and religious tolerance in Nigeria

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#WalkTogether and share a #SparkofHope