#WalkTogether in your community

Thank you for being a Spark of Hope and joining the #WalkTogether campaign. This is a movement built around you! With the inspiration of your story, we’ve reached over 65 million people around the world on social media alone and millions more through activities and traditional media channels. To mark Nelson Mandela’s 100th year, The Elders will present all of the 100 Sparks of Hope on the platform towards the celebrations in Johannesburg and later in the year, to world leaders. Please help to showcase the momentum of this wonderful, hopeful movement by organising to #WalkTogether in your community.

A community #WalkTogether event is a way of showing the unity you create through the work you do. By undertaking a gathering in your community – whether it’s a special occasion you create, or just a short moment of solidarity in your daily work – by providing a visual demonstration through photo (or video!), you are providing invaluable support for the #WalkTogether campaign to show the positive impact your organisation has. We’ll use the material you provide to show world leaders 100 Ideas for a Freer, Fairer World grounded in your work and we’d like to collaborate with you to expand your influence through social media too.

A #WalkTogether 'How To' Guide

To help support, promote and enhance your events, we’ve put together some simple guidelines and options for assets and resources you can adapt and use for your community #WalkTogether. For any questions, don’t hesitate to contact jessy.field@theelders.org

  1. Download the guidelines so you can get creative!
  2. Download any of the resources you need to help you create an invitation, a Facebook event and print simple co-branded materials to show your action is part of the #WalkTogether campaign platform.
  3. Choose a date and time that suits your organisation for your gathering or event.
  4. Submit the location, date and time you’ve chosen at the bottom of this page or email jessy.field@theelders.org
  5. Download posters
  6. Share video or images from your event using the hashtags #WalkTogether #SparkofHope and please email them to jessy.field@theelders.org

If you would like to promote the recognition of your organisation as a Spark of Hope to media in your location, and would require a press release template, please contact jessy.field@theelders.org who can provide you one via email.

Download resources to support your walk

#WalkTogether guidelines for Sparks of Hope events and walks
#WalkTogether poster with shoes (English) PDF
#WalkTogether poster with shoes (Spanish) PDF
"I walk for" poster design template
"I walk for" PDF poster
"Yo camino por" PDF poster
"#WalkTogether and share a #SparkofHope" poster template
"#WalkTogether and share a #SparkofHope" PDF poster
"#CaminarJuntxs y compartir una #SparkofHope" PDF poster
Email invitation template
"#WalkTogether and share a #SparkofHope" social media image / Facebook event header (navy)
"#WalkTogether and share a #SparkofHope" social media image / Facebook event header (yellow)
#WalkTogether event example image
#WalkTogether event example collage
#WalkTogether logo EPS (English) for additional promotional materials
#WalkTogether logo PNG (English)
#WalkTogether logo JPEG (Spanish)

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