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continue Mandela’s long walk to freedom

The #WalkTogether campaign is building a bright web of hope made up of Sparks of Hope. These are communities building a movement for the Freedoms Mandela dedicated his life to: Peace, Health, Justice and Equality.

Read their stories, post your video and join the global #WalkTogether movement.

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Women’s Justice Initiative

Assisting isolated indigenous women to access justice and improve their lives

IRA Mauritania

Exposing slavery in Mauritania

MicroJustice Argentina

Without an ID, accessing justice is impossible

Bobbi Bear

Breaking the cycle of child sexual abuse

Movimento Ipereg Ayu

The movement protecting indigenous lands from destructive dams


Guardians of endangered wildlife, local communities and the climate

Pilier aux Femmes Vulnérables Actives

Combatting impunity in a collapsed state


Taking on toxic masculinity in Rwanda

The Women’s Law Centre

The women bringing justice to victims of domestic violence in Moldova

The Guerrilla Foundation

Brave movements need brave funders for social justice

Forum for Nation Building Nepal

Giving earthquake victims the tools to rebuild their lives


Empowering access to the right to health

Campaign for Migrant Worker Justice

Combining legal tools and public campaigns to secure justice for migrant agricultural workers

My Choices Foundation

Taking on India’s domestic violence epidemic

The Civil Association for Equality and Justice

Justice for people living in one of the most polluted places on earth

Agrupación Defensa y Conservación Maule Mataquito

Defending the coastal environment from extractive industries

"The Awakening"

Saying no more to “honour killings” in Pakistan

Earth Guardians

The young activists stepping up to defend the planet

Front Line Defenders

Protecting human rights defenders at risk around the world

Project 189

Justice for migrant workers

Al Bedaiah

A light in the dark for social justice in Egypt’s ‘digital black hole’

Kav LaOved

The power of legal aid to support vulnerable and marginalised workers

The Florence Project

Standing strong in the wake of increasingly hostile US immigration policies


The phone-based service enabling citizens to monitor state violence and access justice

Corporación Justicia y Libertad

Defending workers’ rights in the palm oil industry

Fossil Free

Helping organisations and individuals lead the global energy transition


Protecting the rights of Kenya’s Indigenous People

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Show you #WalkTogether with a #SparkofHope. Each Spark of Hope represents one of 100 Ideas for a Freer, Fairer World that the #WalkTogether campaign will present to world leaders later this year, recognising all supporters who post a video.

#WalkTogether and share a #SparkofHope