The Future of Walk Together Online

About Walk Together

In July 2017 a group of faithful civil society associations, brought together by The Elders, an organization of leaders independently founded ten years ago by Nelson Mandela, decided to act positively to overcome increasing polarization and intolerance in our nation’s societies.

This group joined forces to amplify the deeds – and voices – of individuals who live the values of solidarity, compassion, and empathy. And in this work, they do improve their lives and those lives within their communities.

#WalkTogether existed as a platform for building a bright map of hope.  This platform celebrated everyone’s freedoms and, highlighted those who shared their same mission: to shine a light on morality, and courageous leadership, and offer the world hope where it’s needed most.

Walk Together’s Future Online


The website will now be focusing heavily on the research and investment in the precious metals markets. Mayday will focus on delivering actionable resources on Gold, Silver, & other precious metals, as a true benefit for retirees looking to preserve & safeguard their retirement savings!

Stay tuned for more details soon! 🙂


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